Tucson Winter Weather

Tucson Winter Weather

What’s the Tucson winter weather like? Today is February 9, at it’s a high of 83 degrees in Tucson, Arizona.   As a basis of comparison, it’s 39 degrees this afternoon in DC and New York. Chicago is experiencing a high of 19 degrees, while Atlanta and Philadelphia has warmed up to 34 degrees. Brrrrr…

Have you had enough of winters? Are you tired of shoveling snow and driving in hazardous road conditions? Is it time to throw away your winter wear? And are you ready to move to Tucson? The Tucson winter weather is amazing.  Here’s a breakdown of the average Tucson temperatures.  (Pay close attention to the Tucson winter weather months!)

Average Tucson Temperatures – What’s the Tucson Winter Weather Like?

Tucson Winter Weather
Tucson Winter Weather

The Tucson winter weather is the only reason to move here. Tucson is the largest city in southern Arizona and one of the fastest growing urban areas in the Southwest. Tucson is both a bustling center of business and a laid-back university and resort town. Tucson loves to celebrate its rich medley of cultures, architecture, and people. The community places an emphasis on preserving its colorful heritage while maintaining a casual attitude. Wall Street Journal highlights the artsy side of Tucson, and Tucson was included in the book, “50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family” . Tucsonan’s embrace the quality of life and live in a place where dreams can still come true, where individualism is alive, and where people are the driving force behind making things happen by owning their own businesses. Finally, very clearly, Tucson is a “college town”, adoring and massively supporting the Arizona Wildcats of the University of Arizona.
Every day from May to October, Tucson temperatures rise to at least 70 degrees. Temperatures of 80 degrees or hotter can be expected any month of the year except December. Six Tucson evenings on average fall below freezing temperatures, and Tucsonians do wake up occasionally with frost on their landscape to our Tucson winter weather.
One-hundred-degree weather normally occurs from May to September in Tucson, with about half the days in June and July getting that hot – “but it’s a dry heat”! It’s important to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluid because of the lack of moisture in the air.
Tucson Land & Home Realty specializes in finding you the right Tucson neighborhood and will help you resettle in Tucson whether you want to build a new house or buy an existing property. Tired of snow? You’ll love the Tucson winter weather and LOTS more! Contact Nanci Freedberg at

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