Right & Left Brained All the Way!

“We met at camp! I was the camping instructor, and Nanci was the arts and crafts director,” Eric Freedberg shares. Eric and Nanci Freedberg recently celebrated their wedding anniversary in Jamaica, the same place where they honeymooned 30 years earlier. In thirty years, they have raised a family and built successful businesses. Their daughter, Rachel, is a second-year nursing student at San Di- ego State. Their son, Jason, is a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, DC. With Jason joining the business, it’s an exciting time for Tucson Land and Home Realty. But long before they started their boutique real estate company, they were young adults working at a summer camp in Prescott, Arizona. “As the camping instructor, I camped out every night with a different group of kids for two and a half months. No tents, we just slept under the stars!”
Nanci interjects, “Doesn’t that sound like the worst job ever?”
Eric adds, “I thought it was fun!”
The air fills with laughter. Their differences shine through, but after 30 years they know their differences are their strength. It’s part of what makes Tucson Land and Home Realty so unique. “Eric and I are right- and left-brained all the way. He goes into the house with his general contractor hat on, and I go in looking at it from a REALTOR’s®/ marketing perspective. We don’t always agree with each other. Eric might recommend something and I’ll say no, don’t do that. But our yin and yang work well together. It helps the client know all of their options.” Eric adds, “It’s an open discussion, there’s not a right or wrong answer. It’s about providing the client with the knowledge to figure out their best option.” Eric and Nanci bring a range of skills and expertise to the table; it’s hard to find a similar combination anywhere else.
After graduating from the University of Arizona, Eric headed to Phoenix to work for one of the Big 8 accounting firms. “I was a CPA specializing in real estate. I realized I wanted to do what my clients were doing.” Thanks to his family, Eric knew he could make the switch. “My dad and my uncle were both entrepreneurs in fields totally different than what they went to school for. Their example gave me the courage to know that I wasn’t trapped in accounting. I saw them take risks and I knew I could do the same.” Eric enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned a master’s degree in real estate development. Nanci adds, “We got married, and two weeks later we moved to California so Eric could go to school.” After graduation, Eric moved back to Tucson and started his custom home building company Milestone Homes. “I got my real estate license to help sell the homes we were building. Two years later, I opened my own brokerage company. Its sole purpose was to cater to Milestone Homes.” It stayed that way until Nanci joined the team.
“I got my real estate license in 2012. We noticed a change in the market and that we had a distinct perspective to offer clients.” With Nanci’s background in marketing, she was able to take the real estate side of the business to a whole new level. “I graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications/marketing. I started out in the non-profit sector handling special events and fundraising. Then, after we had kids, I created an internet-based business around a book I self- published. I sold over 300,000 books.”
When the opportunity presented itself for Nanci to join Eric in real estate, she sold her business to focus solely on real estate. Like Eric, Nanci was not scared to take the leap. “I was always really independent as a kid. I put myself through college; it made me really resourceful and unafraid. It’s helped me navigate the business world and become successful. When I jump into something, I take it on full force.”
eric-nanci-tallNanci and Eric’s backgrounds allow them to offer a full-service experience that’s difficult to compete with. “Whether a client wants to build, renovate, or purchase a turn-key home, we can help. We wear both hats. We can look at land and present building options, or we can look at existing houses with the option to remodel or leave it as is.” After three decades in the industry, Eric and Nanci have connections with trusted sub-contractors in every trade. For listings, Nanci puts her marketing skills to work, and the construction side of the business can help with get- ting it ready for market. “Our goal is to present our clients with all of their options so they can make an informed decision whether they are buying or selling.”
The principle behind their business practice is simple: “Do the right thing, and the rest will take care of itself. Our focus is on building relationships. We don’t sugarcoat things, and we don’t try to sway our clients in one direction or another.”
The Freedbergs have been doing the right thing from the very beginning. Eric shares, “The very first house we built had a major problem. Six months afterward, the buyer had issues with the foundation. It turns out the soil engineer had made a mistake.” Eric was faced with a choice. “As a brand-new company, the ‘smart’ thing to do was just close the company and either start again under a new name or do something completely different.” That’s not what Eric did. Instead, he repurchased the home from the customer and built a new one for them at-cost next door. “We were a brand-new company; we weren’t in a financial position to do that, but it was the right thing to do.
“If I did that in 1992, when I had no reputation to preserve, you can trust that now after decades in the business I’ll be standing there to take care of you after the transaction.”
Eric continues, “That’s what drives our business, the relationships, that’s where the fulfillment is. We make friends through the process and that’s the best part!” Nanci gives an example: “There was this sweet elderly man in his 80s, his wife had passed, and he was alone in a two-story house. We helped him list the house.” Nanci didn’t stop at listing his house. “I helped him pack, research assisted living facilities, and move. We still keep in contact. We talk on the phone, or I’ll stop by and visit.” With another previous client, they have an annual lunch. “They are winter visitors. Every time they are in town we make it a point to see them. We have lunch at P.F. Chang’s and catch-up.”
To maintain the principles they’ve built their company on, their business is evolving again with the addition of another family member. “We can better serve our clients with Jason on the team.” While earning his degree, Jason helped his parents out during the summer. Now he’s ready to make it his career. While the Freedbergs never expected to run a family business, they are ecstatic with the new development and excited to see what the future may hold.
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