Process of Buying A House

Process of Buying a House in Tucson

Ok. Your savings has grown, you have a 20% down-payment secured, and you are finally ready for the process of buying a house in Tucson. Now what?  It’s a daunting question. The process of buying a house in Tucson or anywhere for that matter is a HUGE step. More so, without a Realtor, the process of buying a house can be overwhelming and overbearing in terms of your time and patience.  Watch this video that summarizes the process of buying a house:

Where Do I Begin the Process of Buying  A House?

Where do I begin the process of buying a house in Tucson? Most begin on the Internet. From the internet, you are able to hunt and explore homes in the comfort and safety of your own living room. Nowadays, it’s a great place to begin. Tucson MLS (Multiple Listing Service Tucson MLS) provides an up-to-date detail of homes for sale, and you can filter in and out features for a true custom search. For instance, you can select ranges for pricing and square footage. You can select particular subdivisions or Tucson areas including amenities. Virtually any itemization is possible and makes your search criteria specific and custom to your wants and needs. There are other search resources as well like Zillow, Trulia and, just to name a few. The process of buying a house in Tucson is a bit easier nowadays because of the internet and social media.  You can even search on this website,!
Many people find exactly what they are looking for in a home initially online, without having to take out the car whatsoever…but that’s usually not enough to base a full decision on requiring such a financial investment. It’s important to get more than a two dimensional vision of a home. The process of buying a house in Tucson wouldn’t be complete unless you incorporated all your senses into the purchase…you need to see it, smell, hear it, feel it and “taste” it too!
Remember, even with the tools on the Internet, your Realtor plays an integral role in the process of buying a house. Nanci Freedberg, REALTOR with Tucson Land & Home Realty,, is an expert in the process of buying a home in Tucson. From identifying potential houses, to neighborhood specialties, to a comparative price analysis, to the steps in buying a home, Nanci will guide you each step of the way.

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