Buying a House In Tucson

Buying a House In Tucson

Buying a House In Tucson – Now is a GREAT time!

Are you thinking about buying a house in Tucson? NOW is a great time and the economy makes strides towards a recovery and there’s sunshine in Tucson 360 days of the year.  Watch this video to learn about the Process of Buying a House in Tucson…

Some 2015 year-end residential real estate highlights in Tucson:

  • Total sales volume is increasing significantly over the past few months and new home sales are up 10% as compared to 2014
  • Average sales price in Tucson is up to $209,485
  • Average list price in Tucson is $217,610
  • Total “under contract” homes has increased 23% over this past year
  • Average “days on market” 59 days

So, when is the right time for buying a house in Tucson? Many people hesitate about “now” for two reasons: time and money. Obviously, you have to do what’s right for you. Sometimes the “stars just need to align”, and you wake up one morning and it’s just the right day for buying a house in Tucson.
Obviously, the best approach for buying a house in Tucson is to purchase a home when you can afford it. Don’t attempt to time mortgage rates and home values. They’re almost impossible to predict. If you find the home you want and you can afford to, then the time for buying a house in Tucson is “now”.
Now that you are ready to make a move, please consider the following tips:

  • Work with a Realtor. Realtors make it their business to guide you through the home buying process each step of the way, connecting you to every home buying service/team member with expert advice.   You are protected by having an Agent. You’ll have peace of mind having a knowledge and experience on your side.
  • Most lenders require a 20 percent down-payment before they’ll grant you a mortgage.
  • If you plan to resell in the future, don’t buy the biggest and/or most expensive home on the block. These homes usually appreciate the least and present the biggest challenge when attempting to find a seller. The smallest and/or least expensive home on the block often appreciates the most.
  • Don’t make any large purchases (car, boat, etc.) or open a new credit card in the six months leading up to your home purchase. This might be seen as an increased risk to your lender.

Nanci Freedberg at specializes in buying and selling of homes and land in Tucson, AZ.

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